For children staying all day we provide breakfast, lunch, 2 healthy snacks and whole milk or formula / toddler milk of your choice.

Dinner can also be provided for an additional fee or you can provide a packed meal.

Examples of our menus are…




A selection of the following:




Yoghurts / fruit purees

Cereals / porridge



Fruit purees

Fruit and / or Vegetable plate

Cheese and crackers

Hot cross bun / crumpet / bread & butter

Rice cakes


We generally serve hot lunches for most of the year.

For weaning babies we serve homemade baby / finger food in line with their stage / diet.

For toddlers we set out a buffet style table for the children to help themselves (with encouragement of course!) to what they would like.

This often helps the children to try new things as they see their friends enjoying them.

An example of a lunch menu for the week would be:

Monday – Sausage Casserole

Tuesday – Cheesy Broccoli Pasta

Wednesday – Vegetable Chlli Con Carne

Thursday –  Cheese & Ham Pinwheels

Friday – Fish Pie

All lunches would be served with a variety of salad / vegetables cut into bite size pieces.

Dessert is usually fruit or yoghurt or fruit puree.

We don’t serve chocolate, sweets, biscuits, squash, juice or fizzy drinks.  We may have some cake or biscuits if we have made them and we do like the odd ice cream in the summer!

As you can see we serve healthy food and try to encourage the children to try new things and make healthy choices.

We are interested in what your child likes to eat and will ask you to fill out a favourite foods form so we can serve what they like and encourage them to try new things.

Drinks served:



Whole milk

Formula milk / follow on milk of parent’s choice

We are a Sugar smart setting able to accommodate allergies, intolerances and vegetarian diets.


If you have any questions or would like to arrange a visit just send me an email at