Vacancies & Fees

If you wish to arrange a visit or simply have a few questions please don’t hesitate to email me


Please email us to check current availability

Unfortunately we cannot accommodate any preschool collections or drop offs.

Fees: Our hourly rate is £7.55 per hour (at least 4 hours per day) and our working hours are from 8am – 6pm.

Breakfast, lunch, milk, formula, snacks, baby wipes, barrier cream, nappy bags and nappies are all included in fees.

Dinner can also be provided for an additional £2 per day or you can provide a prepared meal if you prefer.

We are able to offer a sibling discount and can provide information about receiving help with childcare costs.

Emergency Care – Priced on individual basis

Overnight Care – Price upon request

My illness / holidays: No fees payable

Your child’s illness / holidays: Fees payable

Mummy ‘Me Time’ Sessions – we offer sessions from 2 – 6 hours duration every Friday afternoon which can be booked as a one off or regular session. These are designed to give hard working mums a break but can also be beneficial in getting your baby / child used to a childcare setting. Prices are £8.00 per hour.

For ad hoc care of less than 3 hours we charge £8 per hour.

Babysitting – £8.50 per hour until 10pm, £10 per hour after 10pm, £15 per hour after midnight.

Our contract with you…the basics:

  • We have a 6 week settling in period – if for any reason you are not happy in the first 6 weeks you can leave with no notice, paying only for the care you used.

  • After the settling in period you need to give 6 weeks written notice to end the contract.

  • We recommend at least 4 settling in sessions of 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours and a full day before you need care to begin. Parents don’t attend these sessions and they are charged at £7.45 per hour.

  • We take a 2 week deposit which is fully refunded at the end of your time with us.

  • You don’t pay fees if we are closed.

  • You pay full fees if your child does not attend due to illness / holiday.

  • We are closed for 2 weeks of the year and we give you these dates a year in advance.

  • You decide what times you will drop off and collect and you are contracted to pay for these hours only. So if you’re an hour early one day, you still pay for the whole day you’re contracted to.

  • You will be invoiced every fortnight.

  • You are welcome to book extra hours and days as you need ad hoc.

We also accept the Tax Free childcare scheme